Understanding Web Site Security

You know it is important to have an SSL Certificate attached to your website.  What that does for you is cause traffic that goes between your web site and the person looking at it to be encrypted, so no one can read it.  This doesn't really make much sense; because any hacker can look at your website and see what the content is saying.  Where it does help is when someone fills out a form.  When they click submit the data in that form is sent “encrypted” to its destination.  This is great however, there are many other points of attack that need to be eliminated.

To secure your web site we first isolatie attack points for your specific website.  The three main attack points for any web site are: 

  1. Your Data Center (who you physically host with)
  2. Your Server (the physical hardware where your web site runs)
  3. Your Web Site Pages (the actual pages of code created to make your web site)

To complicate matters these three attack points are typically managed by three different groups.  And these groups can be siloed (that means they do not know what the other groups can solve)

Now Here You Are in the MIddle Trying to Sort Out Web Site Security!!!

This is where DYSite can help.  We will run a comprehensive audit, implement resolution, and deliver a Website Cybersecurity Report.

in three steps we will:

  1. Audit the main attack points.
  2. Report the findings and define how to resolve.
  3. Resolve the findings at each of the 3 attack points.
what is website security

Our promise is:

  • to communicate transparently with your team,
  • define a timeline for resolution
  • deliver a Website Cybersecurity Report