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DYSite has a mature team of developers who have worked together for 15+ years.  We love .NET.  Since its emergence in 1997 we have embraced the technology and placed a high priority on evolving with .NET.

You have a decision to make relative to .NET Legacy applications.  

  1. Build from the ground up, applying best practices you have learned along the way.
  2. Modernize, by segmenting your project into modules and maintaining integration with legacy systems.
  3. Repair code as issues arise.

We are developers we execute and honor Non-Disclosure Agreements.  We respect your intellectual property and simply want to help you get your brain child in operation.  We can work with your in-house development team or manage the project using our dev team.  We’ll deliver maximum value to your business within your budget and timeframe.


Why Modernize Your Legacy Application

If your backend is bogging you down; instead of rebuilding modernize.  Taking the risk of rebuilding is an expensive and lengthy process.   With modernization you are able to:

  • Reduce the risk of a fatal budget cut, by breaking the application into a series of smaller projects.
  • Prioritize the features that matter most.  You will be able to deliver increased functionality faster.
  • Manage the change to help employees adjust incrementally to the modernization.
  • Modernization s is an agile process; it allows you to develop, test and integrate to the legacy.  Obtaining gains faster at lower costs.

Modernizing mission-critical applications can unlock new growth for your business.


Why Mature Developers

The importance of working with a mature programmer cannot be underestimated. Mature developers create good code, have communication skills, project planning and are able to manage less seasoned programmers.

Good Code has many features that are important to your application development:  

-    Performance efficiency
-    Robust programming handles data exceptions
-    Architecture that simplifies expansion
-    Code is readable and can be modified by other programmers


“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Member Portal

Backend app development powers you web apps.  Using forms to collect customer/member information.  We create a framework of data that the application uses in many steps from display to reporting. DYSite's backend development and database experts are skilled at secure data storage and retrieval.  Keeping in mind security and speed compromising neither.  We ensure your customers’ experience is a breeze. We’ll help you store and organize each piece of critical information. Regardless of what you are gathering; marketing and sales enablement data or organizing memberships, we can deliver a solution.

Dynamic Web Applications

We can program your smart business rules to provide an application that supports your most innovative dynamic web applications.  Achieving what other teams have failed to accomplish we have deployed applications across broad industries.  


Mobile Applications 

With the advent of mobile responsive web sites, the case for Mobile Applications shifted.  We help clients provide mobile web applications to their customers.  A typical web application of this type provides our client with visibility of orders and the completion of steps required for the final project to come together.  Our client has an admin portal that lets them manage the flow of information and communicate back to their customer on the mobile application.  These types of mobile apps create client loyalty.  If you are thinking about a mobile application, talk to us.  We can help you understand where it fits in your overall digital marketing strategy.

Ecommerce Applications

Providing ecommerce and online shopping experiences; can be a part of your web site.  Oftentimes customers have a legacy system that houses some critical information for products, descriptions, and pricing.  We can marry that legacy data to your ecommerce pages.  This saves you time in managing your products.

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It takes courage to face business challenges.  
We will work with you to understand how to resolve your issues.

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