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How We Helped Kyle Solve His Burning Issue

The problem

Kyle inherited a manufacturing company that had been a leader in the industry ten years ago. The market had shifted and Kyle’s father had always relied on word of mouth.  He never saw the need for a web site marketing. Although Kyle had a web site, it was pretty dismal.  The web pages suffered from lite content.  Kyle needed to help the industry understand the innovation that was occurring at Kyle’s company.  In addition, newer players in the market did not understand Kyle’s business.  Kyle made a significant investment in technical innovation.  Kyle needed to get the word out, on how his company could help his customers save time and money.  Kyles burning issue: the company website is too basic.

Needed fast and easy updates

Kyle needed someone who could put a strong site together and give him the ability to update content, fast and easy.  Kyle planned to post on LinkedIN and wanted to use those posts to send people to his website for more information.  Kyle was not as sure about trying to rank his web site and decided to wait on a keyword strategy.

How we helped

We helped Kyle create a digital strategy roadmap.   It was clear that a new web site design was in order; Kyle wanted to keep his name recognition which included his logo and a graphical element that we upscaled using VFX. The element now moves across the footer from left to right bringing the site visitors attention to the important message that is a part of the graphic. 

With the branding set in place; we analyzed the channels for Kyle’s customer persona.  As a B2B business Kyle wanted to leverage his LinkedIn profile to drive traffic to his site.  We laid out a strategy for the Company LinkedIN page as well as Kyle’s page.

The roadmap documented the timeline, process and resources required for each phase. 

We discourage changes to the project agreement; however, Kyle wanted to change the schedule slightly to incorporate some added resources that increased the visual appeal and UX of the web site. 

The result

The new website launched on schedule with an adjustment for the added resources.  After launch we moved forward with the LinkedIN channel upgrades and spent a little time coaching Kyle on LinkedIN posting and posting newsletters.  By time we launch a site, the client is trained on the use of the content management system and is self-sufficient.  We are always here to answer questions and lend a hand when needed.

What We Promise Is:

To empower you and your team with a custom site that is fast, secure, flexible and search engine friendly.

That we come alongside you and your team to point out the road to achieving your goals. 

That we will execute the plan agreed to on time and on budget.

fast, secure, flexible and search engine friendly
1. Listen


We listen, while we ask questions about your goals, your ideal customer, what you want to achieve; and where you see your company in five years.

digital marketing strategy


Using your goals, we help you define which resources will be applied to specific marketing channels.

3. Web Design Concepts


Develop a web site strategy and data-backed keywords to get the attention of your ideal customer.



We will process through multiple stages of development, test, and review. This is Agile accountability.



time has a palpable level of excitement. During launch there are alot of moving parts that contribute to the overall success of your digital roadmap.

Find the Issues

Holding Your Web Site Back

It takes courage to face business challenges.  
We will work with you to understand how to resolve your issues.

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