Benefits of Content Management System Web Site

The CMS2.0 Content Management System provides for the custom development of your site. Top benefits are:

  • Ease of Updates (no programming required.
  • Quick Web Site Updates
  • Design Flexibility
  • Scalability for Growth
  • Role Based Security (to facilitate workflows)
  • SEO Baked-In (to each page)
  • Enhanced Page Speed Loads
  • Security Protection (against malware, phishing etc)
  • Integration and Extensibility

Custom Content Management System

Your pages are defined for marketing strategies and products/services.  Developers build the content management system custom to your site design.  

You have the advantage of being able to add, edit and update content.  Content as varied as words, images and videos.  Pages are designed to take into account the way you communicate to your customers.

Some companies take the CMS a step further and provide logins for customers to gain special pricing, or upload confidential files.  Many time employers provide logins for employees to provide access to company documents.

The sky is the limit, if you have a need we can program it.

ASPX Content Management System

Our first iteration of a CMS occurred in 1999.  At the juncture of the most important evolution in web design.

Driven by ColdFusion's intrusion into the marketplace, where they were capturing web development business for product sites.  The innovation they provided was code which allowed them to build one page and populate the content “dynamically” from a database.  Microsoft countered quickly with .asp (Active Server Pages), backed up by SQL database.  Now if you sold 1000 products, you could build one page to display them individually.  This technology has been driving the ecommerce engine ever since.

Built on the C# programming language, ASP has evolved into several iterations of .NET.  

Our application has followed the evolution of Microsoft, and its commitment to the evolution of cloud based application programming.  We like it for the built in security it provides and the programming evolution it provides.

Ease of Development

The main idea behind ASP.NET MVC is to provide a clean separation of concerns, making it easier to develop and maintain web applications. It promotes a structured and organized approach to development, enabling developers to work on different aspects of an application independently.

Simplify Web Development

In addition to the core MVC components, ASP.NET MVC provides several features and functionalities to simplify web development, including routing, model binding, validation, and authentication. It also supports integration with other technologies, such as Entity Framework for data access, ASP.NET Web API for building RESTful services, and Razor syntax for view templating.

Widely Adopted

ASP.NET MVC has been widely adopted by developers and has evolved over the years. The latest version as of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021 is ASP.NET Core MVC, which is a part of the ASP.NET Core framework. ASP.NET Core MVC is cross-platform, lightweight, and designed to work seamlessly with modern web development practices.


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