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Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page optimization consists of creating links from other web sites to your site.  Google evaluates those links to and adds value to your rank based on several things.  The first is the rank of the page linking to your site.  You can well imagine that CNN has a higher rank than KoTV.  You get the idea.

 The next evaluation that Google makes is the relevancy of the site linking to your site.  Relevancy means has to do with industry.  Are you both in the bridal industry.  Google also evaluates how the linking site tells them to view the link…. “Nofollow”  tells Google not to pass any value.

Not All Backlinks Are Created Equal

It is very important to have links from sources that have credibility, as well as resources that are related to your industry.   The higher the quality of links to your site, the faster you rise above competitors for your keywords. 

Keep in mind that Google frowns on link farms and paid submissions that robo-generate links.  Remember the Panda and the angry birds updates.  Those people had a search engine strategy that was too heavily weighted on backlinking. 

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Web Site Audit

Is your website secure, fast and seo friendly?