E-Commerce Website Design

It can be overwhelming trying to choose the e-commerce platform that is right for your business as there are so many different ones to choose from.  You are busy running your business and don’t have the time to spend on research and trials.  You just need a solution that works for you as quickly as possible.  Whether you are looking for a redesign of your existing store or opening a new e-commerce store, the team at Design Your Site can help you.

Does Your Website Measure Up?

Web Development Projects

Visit our portfolio to see more examples of our web design work.  Then give us a call to discuss your project and discover how we can make it a success. 

E-Commerce Solutions

At Design Your Site, we build E-Commerce websites using different platforms like Magento and BigCommerce due to the robustness of the software straight out of the box and the fact that it is incredibly flexible and easy to customize.  Our web developers can also build you a custom e-commerce solution with our in-house developed CMS.   No matter what solutions you choose, we have experts that can integrate your ERP Software and CRM to streamline your workflow. 

E-Commerce Strategy


The first step in planning a successful ecommerce business is developing a strong strategy.  We capture and document your business flow, looking for pain points in your business process to help find a more efficient workflow.  By analyzing the different aspects of your e-commerce solution, we can start designing the right e-commerce strategy for your business.

Design Your Site will also conduct an in-depth study of the products or services you are offering and analyze your competitors.  We delve into your target audience and the customer journey looking for the ways to increase conversions by enhancing the user experience and thus creating loyal consumers.
  • Define an omnichannel retailing strategy
  • Design business processes
  • Define required customizations for your e-commerce solution
  • Plan any required system integrations


Benefits of E-Commerce

  1. Personalized Design
  2. Versatile Content Management System
  3. Mobile-Friendly
  4. Advanced SEO
  5. Built-in Upsells & Cross-sells
  6. Provides extreme security
  7. Secure payment solutions
  8. Easy to use admin section
  9. Marketing automation
  10. Social channel integrations
  11. Enhanced site performance
  12. API’s for multiple program integrations

E-Commerce Statistics

  1. Amazon is the leading online retailer with a net revenue of $232.88 billion in 2018. (Statista)
  2. 35% of Google product searches turn into transactions within 5 days. (Jumpshot)
  3. 85% of consumers research merchandise before make an online purchase. (Salesforce)
  4. 67.2% of digital sales in 2019 is expected to come from mobile e-commerce. (eMarketer)
  5. 79% of US consumers said that free shipping would make them more likely to shop online. (Walker Sands)
  6. 53% of US online shoppers won’t purchase a product if they don’t know when it will arrive. (Narvar)
  7. 63% of US online shoppers said that they would not make a purchase if they couldn’t find the return policy. (Narvar)
  8. 58.6% of US online consumers abandoned a cart due to "just browsing / not ready to buy". (Baymard Institute)
  9. 53% of consumers abandon a cart due to unexpected extra costs, after removing the "just browsing" statistics. (Baymard Institute)
  10. Abandoned cart emails are the most profitable type of email that you can send as an online retailer. (SmartrMail)
Ecommerce Stats

E-Commerce Development

Now that a plan is in place, it is time to begin implementation.

If you have an existing e-commerce platform, we suggest doing a data migration.  This will cut down significantly on data-entry.

While the migration is in progress, we start developing the user interface and user experience.  These are some of the most important aspects of your e-commerce website.  Users have a higher chance of converting to customers with appealing design and ease of use. 

The default application configuration is robust, but if you have custom workflow needs, we will start programming these customizations into the system functionality.

You may want to integrate your existing software ecosystem to work with your e-commerce website to help automate your workflow.  We can program integrations to link your back-office processes.  This will synchronize your data so that you aren’t managing it across multiple programs manually. 

Once all the programming is done and approved by the client, we will begin importing all of your data.

Quality assurance is used throughout the entire development of your e-commerce website to catch any bugs as early as possible.

Design Your Site will also train you on using the features and functionality of your new E-Commerce solution. 

E-Commerce Solutions

  1. Solution Architecture
  2. Platform Migration & Upgrade
  3. API / Integrations
  4. Performance Optimization
  5. Custom Platform Development
  6. Business Intelligence
  7. Growth Roadmapping
  8. Customer Segmentation
  9. A/B Testing
  10. Omnichannel Strategy
  11. Compliance & Security
  12. Content Production
  13. Product Information Management
  14. DevOps & Cloud Hosting
  15. Recurring Payments

Web Site Audit

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