Defending Your Digital Fortress: Top 3 Things To Know About Cyber Attacks

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Defending Your Digital Fortress: Top 3 Things To Know About Cyber Attacks

How they attack

Hackers can change the code of your website using code injection to insert Malware, So the next time a customer goes to sign up for emails, All their saved data is funneled into the hands of a Cyber Criminal.   Cyber criminals will look for opportunities to upload files, violate old versions of resources (ie javascript) or attack logins.  They like to bypass security authentications, steal data, and hold you hostage.


The Effect

Cyber attacks can deface your website, altering its appearance or showing unauthorized content. They can also cause website downtime, resulting in lost business and trust from customers.  This can harm your customers and damage your reputation.  Ransomware has been prevalent for a number of years and many corporations have paid the ransom in order to get thier systems back online.  You have to assume they have stolen your private client information.  Even if they have made promises to not use it; how comfortable do you feel with that?




How to fight back

Be proactive.  DYSite builds websites using CMS 2.0.  This CMS has SEO, Speed and Security (baked IN).  With regular updates vulnerabilities are managed at the code level.  This make your website more resilient against known threats. With CMS 2.0, you can control who can do what on your website. You can limit access to only trusted individuals and give them specific roles, reducing the risk of internal breaches.


In addition to solving issues at the web app level; you want to assure that the server and data center are doing their part to protect upstream vulnerabilities.


Remember, website security is important for your business and customer trust. Embrace a CMS and keep your website safe from cyber threats.


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