Web Applications & Custom Software Development

A web application is a computer program that runs on a local or cloud-based server.  This application is accessed through a web browser.  More and more software is being developed as a web application due to ease of access.  Being able to access the right software when you need it, no matter where you are, is priceless. 



Use Our Web Development Team to Launch Your Project Today

The broad web development expertise of our team — brings together multiple resources — Java, JavaScript, Database, HTML5, Atomic Functions, — to create the solution you need. We offer cloud hosting on the Microsoft Azure Platform to make scaling your server and computing needs simple when you need to expand.  Make Design Your Site an ideal technology partner for all your application development needs.

Web Development Projects

Visit our portfolio to see more examples of our web development projects.  Then give us a call to discuss your project and how we will make it a success. 

Let's Develop Your Custom Software

Savvy CEO’s know that what we do today will evolve; as processes, products and markets move.  We find that customers are wanting their third-party software to be more robust, having the capabilities that the software wasn’t initially designed for or is no longer being updated.

Developing custom in-house applications to help manage systems creates efficiency.  You can eliminate frustrations by getting the right data in a database where subsequent need for that information is at your fingertips.  Provide staff with intuitive interfaces that allow them to manage work flows efficiently. Empower managers with data analysis tools to efficiently asses the state of things. More and more companies are moving in-house applications over to cloud-based solutions.

Now is the time to think ahead. 

We develop your application using .NET technology. Building your business on a solid foundation of Microsoft’s .NET platform provides a future oriented solution that will be around in 5 years and can easily evolve as your company grows. 
  • Custom Application Development
  • Third-party Integration
  • Updating Old Software Applications to Cloud-based

Web Application Development Process

Discovering and documenting what you need to accomplish is the first step in app development.  This is going to include creating documents that meticulously cover the business process, program functionality, user interface, database structure and whatever else may be required.  We can then proceed with building a scope of work plan. 

From there we go forward to designing the user interface and laying out the pages.  This will be mockups to determine we have the correct input and output fields that you require and making any changes necessary.

Once these screens are approved, we begin the programming.  We work on an agile project management basis.  This means that we break your project down into milestones.  Once each milestone is complete, you test the functionality of that part of the project to make sure it is working how you expected it to.  If any changes are necessary, we make them, have you test some more and begin working on the next milestone until the project is complete.

Seasoned, Mature Web Application Development Team

The importance of working with a mature programmer cannot be underestimated. Mature developers create good code, have communication skills, project planning and are able to manage less seasoned programmers.
Good Code has many features that are important to your application development:  

-    Performance efficiency
-    Robust programming handles data exceptions
-    Architecture that simplifies expansion
-    Code is readable and can be modified by other programmers


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