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Design Your Site specializes in web design, search engine optimization, software development, implementation and system integration.  Our project managers work closely with customers to understand their problem and provide solutions to fit your unique business. 

All of our customers, whether entrepreneur or established businesses, are important to us and we make it our goal to help you.  We are experts in .Net development, Magento, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage 300, Xamarin, React Native, Azure Cloud services and building extreme UI/UX for your applications.

We have multiple teams of mature programmers.  Mature programmers write clean code.  Clean code is easier to extend, runs quickly and is enhanced by great user interfaces.  This means your site will be easy to navigate and deliver responses efficiently.  We always want your potential customer to know what to do next.

Web Dev

We are Tulsa Web Designers and Developers

Every company has a story to tell.  This is the WHY you are in business and the HOW you serve your customers. Your web site is an extension of your company. It represents WHO you are and WHAT you promise your customers.  Your promise is your BRAND IDENTITY.   Our goal in your website development is to create a custom site that tells your story and brings traffic to your website for what you do.  

So you see, your Tulsa web design has a lot of work to do. It has to communicate your place in the market to people.  It also needs to communicate with “spiders and bots”, so search engines can direct potential customers to your website.  

In the current economy a mobile responsive design is critical to your business.  People are on the move and they dont always have a computer in front of them.  They are turning to their smart phones for the answers they are needing on the go.  More than 50% of all searches done today are performed from smart phones.  

We offer custom web designs, mobile responsive upgrades to an existing site, web application development, our custom built CMS and E-commerce solutions.

Web Site Designs

Web design is an art that requires many pieces, this includes the layout of the webpage, graphic design and of course the content.  Web design is just a subcategory of web development.  Our professional web designers use .NET framework and HTML markup language. HTML helps to define the content on the pages and sets the parameters for metadata inclusion. CSS (cascading style sheets) are used to form the layout and appearance of the pages.  We use JavaScript for things like animated graphics, sliders and forms; things that make your website more dynamic.

We work closely with our clients, helping you to achieve the vision you have for your website and make sure that it is user friendly.

At Design Your Site, our web designers, user-interface specialist, Content Writers, and SEO experts work together to provide our clients the best solutions to meet their business objectives. Whether our clients need an E-Commerce Website, Content Management Systems, Custom Application Development or simply a facelift to their existing website, we have a solution sized appropriately to your needs.

The Attention Span

Of online users is around six seconds. If your web page doesn't engage users immediately, they will leave your website and go to your competitors website. Our expert web design team is focused on helping you achieve your goals, increase your brand, and improve your search engine rank. Our systematic approach, with attention to every detail, is what helps us stand out from the rest.

Building Web Applications

Our application developers  create, test and program application software for computers.  When you bring a concept to us or a problem to solve, we flesh out your idea.  Starting with a requirements analysis to fully understand the functionality you are desiring, we then move into creating flow charts to determine that every part of your application works the way you have invisioned.  

We customize the application to have an appealing user interface that is intuitive and friendly to use.

Whether we are building a web application or a mobile application, it is fully owned by the client.  We give you the proprietary code and the intellectual property.

Our developers, programmers and  software architects work with you to build smarter software to streamline your operations. We deliver software that has core functionality and powerful agility, adapting to fit your needs and requirements. The result is a software that achieves a wide range of usage deployment scenarios, delivers optimized features and custom user experiences, and creates a competitive advantage for your business.  

We can build you an e-commerce platform that integrates your existing ERP software via a custom API.  Or perhaps you need an intra-company web portal, maybe some business automation services.  


Web Site Audit

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