4 Reasons Why You Need A Website

The Internet has changed the way people buy.  In 2011 consumers doubled the number of resources consulted when making a purchase decision.  Studies on buyer decision making call the decision point the "zero moment of truth".  Currently 88% of buyers now engage in "zero moment of truth" before making a final decision.

A well designed website lends credibilty to your business, it tells people you care about working with them.  Many businesses try to get by on a DIY web site or a Facebook page. Ask yourself, "what does this say about my business?" 

 What you need is a well thought out strategy.  A mobile responsive website that communicates who you are and how you will treat a customer.  

There are two major things you need to think about.  How to get users to your website (sometimes called traffic).  Then how to get a user to take the next step (sometimes called engagement).

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