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Organic Optimization as a SEO Foundation

The goal of on page optimization is to get the right traffic to your site. On page optimization is referred to as Organic, since the page ranking is based solely on the information that resides on the page.  Search engines are very literal.   If you are selling widgets you don’t want visitors looking for magnets!   This involves a great deal of common sense, market research and attention to detail.   

Make sure your web site communicates the right message.

Weaving your search engine terms into your content creation is crucial.  Understanding what Google, Bing and Yahoo are basing their decisions on help you craft the content.  

Images and videos are part of your content and can add to your ranking value, when properly implemented.   There is no voodoo here, its just a formula… honest.

A great user interface is more than pretty pictures, do your menus make sense, are they easy to follow?  Does your site make use of all the available techniques to communicate to search engines?   Make sure your web site is Search Engine Friendly.  There are some coding practices that cause search engines to stop searching … That’s a bad idea.
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On Page SEO

There are no secrets here.

These are standard “white hat” techniques.  It is tedious exacting work that takes time and attention to detail.  Occasionally, we have a client that doesn’t want any SEO local or national.  We make you sign a waiver.  Because we feel so strongly that this should be a core reason to have a website. 

The key elements that search engines look for with national and local SEO are not a mystery.  A strong organic strategy will save your business money spent on backlinking and online advertising. 

Our search engine optimization plans are tiered.  Of course more detailed work costs more money.   Depending on how competitive your market is you will need to decide how detailed you want your site to be.  A great strategy is crucial to strong positioning on the Search Engines. 

Web Site Audit

Is your website secure, fast and seo friendly?