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Got a Great Idea for a Mobile Application?

What problems will your app solve for your customers?
Who is your target audience?
What features will your app include?
What is your app’s core appeal?


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Develop Your Mobile App

Do you have a great idea to streamline your business processes and operations? We build apps for that. Want to build stronger relationships with your customers? We build apps for that. Want an app that works on both Apple iOS and Android? All of our apps do. We build the shared code once, and it runs on both. Our software developers love this ability and it saves time and resources.

Our scalable cross platform apps are built in the React Native platform, giving a look and feel that is natural to the phone and has a higher performance than traditionally built applications. The native apps run directly on the operating system, giving it speed, versus running in a web container that other applications run in. We understand the need for intuitive user interfaces that are fast.

Design and Development

Requirements & Flow Diagrams
Your project description, objectives and process flows are the most important part of the mobile application development process. We have to understand exactly how the project needs to work in order to get the functionality and user experience to be as smooth as possible. Flow diagrams are used to document how pages interact with each other and are approved by the client.

Clickable Prototypes
Developing the prototype is where your app starts to come to life and is an essential step in mobile app development. Prototypes will help with design decisions, give you valuable feedback and help refine requirements of the application before developing the code. You will be able to view sample screens and experience navigation. Once these prototypes are approved, we can then go forward with the programming
Developing the App
This is where we finally start to write the code for your mobile app. Using the React Native platform for quick, reliable development. Code maintenance is simple, clean and offers the best runtime performance of the different web app developing platforms. During the coding process, we are constantly testing for functionality and user interface. 

Testing the App
Quality Assurance is tested in-house by a dedicated employee before we bring you a final product.  We go back over the original design and requirements documents and go through all the features. Once we are confident that this product is ready for the client, we send it to you for your testing. At this point if there is anything not working to your specifications, we will fix it and have you test again until the application is what you imagined it would be.
Mobile App Development
Developing Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Are Vastly Popular

The Google Play Store has over almost 2.5 million apps and Apple’ App Store has nearly 2 million, according to Statista. The leading global provider of mobile data and analytics, App Annie, released a report in January of 2019 stating that in 2018 alone:
  • 194 billion apps were downloaded
  • $101 billion was spent in app stores
  • 18 billion hours spent in shopping apps
  • 3 hours average daily use spent in apps per user
  • 685 billion hours spent globally in Social and Communication Apps
  • 130% growth in food purchases through apps
  • 75% of total e-commerce transactions by 2021 will be mobile

Get Your Business More Traction with a Mobile App

Mobile apps are ideal for organizations that want to manage and automate multiple business tasks.  Apps are frequently developed to streamline communications between your team, your website, aggregating statistics, exchanging files and data so that they are all in one easy to access location.

If you currently have an e-commerce platform, you should definitely consider the benefits of leveraging a mobile-commerce app.  These apps let you can track and identify user locations through Wi-Fi and GPS. Customers who download your app can then receive location based content and personal recommendation based off past interactions.  Increasing customer loyalty and brand awareness results in increased revenue.

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