How Does Your Website Measure Up?

A site audit is the first step in identifying any website issues that you may have.  It can be difficult trying to manage running your website and locating missing meta data, duplicate content or broken links. 

As mobile phones are becoming the more pre-dominant form of web traffic, it is especially important to make sure the speed of your website it optimal. 

Security of your website also needs to be a top consideration, no one wants to be the company that jeopardized their client's information.

Find out how you measure up now.

Web Site Audit

Is your website secure, fast and seo friendly?

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Checks 34 different categories for how your on page SEO is performing.  Find out quickly if you have broken URL's.  Do you have duplicate content, are all of your images assigned an alt text?  Get a boost to your SEO by fixing any errors in this report.


This audit checks 14 different speed factors.  Page sizing verifies compression and minification.  JavaScript and CSS code is tested for render-blocking and excessive inline programming.  When all these things are fixed, you will get a boost to your website speed.


Ten checks are ran for the security on your website.  Hackers are always looking for a way to get your information.  Make sure that the security of your website is protecting you and your customer's data.