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What makes us the best website design company in the region? We commit to finishing your website on time, on budget, and on point. Our process involving a wide range of experts, our commitment to meeting your goals, our adherence to budgets and timelines, and the fact that we love what we do. Our web developers build sites that not only look great, but they are custom-crafted to meet your company's goals first. And, when you hire us to partner with you on your project, you meet the people who are doing the work; all of our work is done in-house by the team you can meet right here on our website. So get in touch for a free quote today! 

And check out our overview below on how we craft a custom website to meet your goals and needs, and learn what sets us apart from other web design firms out there.

Managing Technology

Started as a Business Class ISP

This all started with INETmax, founded as a business class ISP in Tulsa in 1997. Anyone remember when business only had dial-up connections? We stepped in to solve that problem. Later, we rolled out the first wireless backbone in Tulsa creating smart buildings. We also designed and installed the first Internet enabled hotel in Oklahoma.

We started building custom web application development and Tulsa web site design, as a natural outgrowth of providing Business Class ISP services. Since closing the ISP in 2002; we have maintained a data center and worked on some pretty significant projects;

Custom Programming Enhanced by Excellent UI

In 2010 after closing down a project in Africa, Design Your Site was incorporated as an Oklahoma LLC. DYSite has a strong team of mature developers, we have frequently been an outsource arm for PR Agencies and other programming shops.

Custom Programming & Strong UI/UX

Both of these skills have played well in Tulsa Web Design for small and medium businesses. Of course we have had to keep a strong eye on the SERP's and the role Google plays in that world. Having watched Google manage search engine response for over 20 years, we have learned the zig and the zag of SEO. Experience has shown us that nothing replaces a solid organic SEO foundation. When the Google updates hit, every one of our customers is fine.

Founder & Chief Geek

Mary Putnam an Internet executive with more than 20 years of industry insight and experience developing winning strategies, driving business results, and focusing on client satisfaction.

I am passionate about helping businesses solve problems using the Internet.  My experience in the Internet domain ranges from Network Engineering and Data Center Management to Information Architecture, topped off with a strong dose of telecommunications.  In my career I have worked across many industries including Manufacturing, Banking, Education, Energy, Non Profit, Legal, Retail, Service and Telecom.

Before leaving the corporate world, I was invited to participate with the 777 Floor Beam Team.  The team was a cadre of twenty two experts, each chosen for their expertise in aerospace manufacturing.  Team collaboration empowered the project and the manufacturing process.  We developed a $5M application designed to manage every aspect of production from engineering to shipping,  A forerunner of todays ERP systems.  Rockwell known for their work in composites was provided a NASA grant that allowed me to develop an AI application for use of composite materials.  What fun.

Understanding how I could help businesses using the Internet, I launched the first business class ISP in Tulsa, and created a network of business owners who needed better solutions.  We built many websites, two data centers, two wireless backbones and implemented the first internet enabled hotel in Oklahoma.  Customer satisfaction was always paramount to everything we did.  I actively managed two teams of technical people across multiple technical disciplines; keeping them goal oriented and customer driven. 

In 2002, I moved the data center and a small cadre of programmers over to a multinational project.  In 2009 that client took the technology to Africa, with our assist.  Since 2009, we have focused our efforts locally, with a goal in mind of bringing our talents to local businesses to help grow their business and the local economy. 

  • Developing code to take online sales records over to QuickBooks eliminated the owner having to manually enter the invoices.  Countless hours of time saved.
  • Implementing a web based interface for a VoIP platform, means that the workflow from setting up a phone system in a client office eliminates the need for an onsite tech, and eliminates the time lag incurred with old PBX style phone systems. Voila! Instant phone updates.
  • Creating the interface for a food distribution company’s multilingual site, allows the food company to more fully serve an expanding market and minimize the need for in-house handling of new business.
  • Designed and developed an application to help a youth residency program minimize the time spent chasing records and filling out paper forms.  The end result is more time spent with youth, better record keeping and utilization of information to support annual reports.
  • Developed an MLS interface that helped a realtor better tackle specific locales.
  • Created an interface for businesses to update their website "securely" and "easily".
  • Developed Awesome CRM to help customers with client management and communication.

Helpingcompanies with their website SEO; gives them a competitive advantage and brings them more business.  A frequent problem I have with this is the business owners are so busy serving new business they don’t need to update their websites.  LOL

More business…. More Time…  That is what Internet Technology can do for Your Company.

Mary Putnam

Mary Putnam

I see technology as the great enabler.  We use technology to build a better mousetrap; making your web site or web application work the way you work, not the other way around.  Technology can enable companies to have better work flows, better information gathering, better customer and employee relations, better marketing and a greater quality of life.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

 If technology can save you one hour a day…. What would you do with that hour?

  • Network Tracking Software
  • Global Multi Lingual Site
  • Business Subscription Service
  • Custom Ecommerce Solutions
  • Ad Insertion Engine
  • AX Development (MS ERP)
  • Corporate Acquisition App (SharePoint)

Project Management

Stacey follows new developments and trends in all avenues of Search Engine Optimization, from Google algorithm changes to social media, local search to reputation management in the effort to advance client campaigns and optimize their budgets.

She believes that to increase your conversions via the world wide web, that Branding is essential. People want to use businesses that they Know, Like and Trust.  This means getting your vision and mission consistent across as many platforms as you choose.  

Stacey is a researcher at heart, which is one of the reasons she is excellent in the position of digital knowledge. She digs into the guts of your business to understand exactly what your business does and where it shines, and what resources you currently have and how they can be best utilized yo make your business stand out.

When working with clients, she does intensive research on keyword strategy and site audits for both you and your competitors - finding what is working and what is lacking.  Our team then incorporates these elements into your site via multiple forms of media to drive traffic and increase conversions.

Internet marketing can produce high results in coordinated campaigns for those businesses eager to claim market share.

We believe that professional website development is a marriage of diverse skills that incorporates project management, usability, copywriting, SEO, graphics and programming. Professional web site development is supported by using the right tools to provide low cost web design prices. Our design times are faster and your site will load faster with our strategies.

Stacey Pistorius

Stacey Pistorius

Making Sense out of the Ever Changing Digital Landscape


Dysite team

How We Work with You

With rare exceptions we provide our clients a fixed price contract for programming their site. We actually help businesses hold the line on cost, or more simply put stay on budget. We think this is huge. In addition to holding the budget line, we prepare a specification for developing the site. This gives the customer a tool to hold us accountable.

We start with a contract that includes a specification for work to be completed. Specifications normally have multiple phases. The completion of a phase is a milestone.

  • We build three concepts for your look and menu function, you tell us how to tweak those till your satisfied.
  • We program functions and then put them on a development server, where you can access the site from the web and let you test according to the specification. When you are satisfied the milestone is complete.
  • We program the web page to display functions created. Now you get to see it as your customer sees it. You test all the pages and verify everything is showing correctly. When you are satisfied the milestone is completed.
  • Once everything is tested and you're satisfied, your site can go live.

Payments are handled based on milestone completion. Essentially we are paid when you are satisfied. We go one step further. For 12 months after the final buy-off if you find anything that we programmed incorrectly, we fix that at no charge to you.

How Does Your Site Measure Up?