Tulsa SEO Key Word Strategy

Using a Local SEO Key Word Strategy

Lead Generation and Local SEO

Every domain name will rank #1 for their domain name.   The only people typing that in are your existing customers and vendors.  Of course you want new business.  So using your website for lead generation is a natural path to follow.  If you want new business from your web site read on.

The most cost effective way to generate leads is with organic search.  Organic search is the traffic you get from people using search engines to find your business.  You may be just starting out with SEO or have a long history.  In either case its critical that you conduct keyword research to determine how your customers are looking for you for what you do.

This research will be the foundation of your local SEO or Tulsa SEO keyword strategy.  

So many keywords and so little time......  Selecting the right keywords is more of an art than a science.  We recommend that you start with three keyword phrases; once you have achieved your set goals with those items then you can look at expanding.

You may want to keep your eye on more search terms -- you know, to see if some become more or less important to your strategy over time -- you won't get far spreading your efforts so thin.   Here are a few tips to follow when conducting your keyword research so you don't end up with  the wrong keywords, or an unhealthy mix of keywords to target in your SEO strategy.

Understanding how your customers  look for you on the Internet is strategic in any lead generation and local SEO.  This is the foundation for your local Tulsa SEO marketing.  We can craft a Keyword Strategy for your business and help you track rankings and traffic based on the implementation.

Learn how these keywords are organically implemented (bespoke) across all efforts to bring traffic to your website.

Tulsa SEO Key Word Strategy

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