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Mary Putnam an Internet executive with more than 20 years of industry insight and experience developing winning strategies, driving business results, and focusing on client satisfaction.

I see technology as the great enabler.  We use technology to build a better mousetrap; making your web site or web application work the way you work, not the other way around.  Technology can enable companies to have better work flows, better information gathering, better customer and employee relations, better marketing and a greater quality of life.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

 If technology can save you one hour a day…. What would you do with that hour?

I am passionate about helping businesses solve problems using the Internet.  My experience in the Internet domain ranges from Network Engineering and Data Center Management to Information Architecture, topped off with a strong dose of telecommunications.  In my career I have worked across many industries including Manufacturing, Banking, Education, Energy, Non Profit, Legal, Retail, Service and Telecom.

Before leaving the corporate world, I was invited to participate with the 777 Floor Beam Team.  The team was a cadre of twenty two experts, each chosen for their expertise in aerospace manufacturing.  Team collaboration empowered the project and the manufacturing process.  We developed a $5M application designed to manage every aspect of production from engineering to shipping.   

Understanding how I could help businesses using the Internet, I launched the first business class ISP in Tulsa, and created a network of business owners who needed better solutions.  We built many websites, two data centers, two wireless backbones and implemented the first internet enabled hotel in Oklahoma.  Customer satisfaction was always paramount to everything we did.  I actively managed two teams of technical people across multiple technical disciplines; keeping them goal oriented and customer driven.  In 2002, I moved the data center and a small cadre of programmers over to a multinational project.  In 2009 that client took the technology to Africa, with our assist.  Since 2009, we have focused our efforts locally, with a goal in mind of bringing our talents to local businesses to help grow their business and the local economy. 

Developing code to take online sales records over to Quickbooks eliminated the owner having to manually enter the invoices.  Countless hours of time saved.

Implementing a web based interface for a VoIP platform, means that the workflow from setting up a phone system in a client office eliminates the need for an onsite tech, and eliminates the time lag incurred with old PBX style phone systems. Voila! Instant phone updates.

Creating the interface for a food distribution company’s multilingual site, allows the food company to more fully serve an expanding market and minimize the need for in-house handling of new business.

Designed and developed an application to help a youth residency program minimize the time spent chasing records and filling out paper forms.  The end result is more time spent with youth, better record keeping and utilization of information to support annual reports.

Helping smaller companies with their website SEO; gives them a competitive advantage and brings them more business.  A frequent problem I have with this is the business owners are so busy serving new business they don’t need to update their websites.  LOL

More business…. More Time…  That is what Internet Technology can do for Your Company.



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