History of Tulsa Web & Application Development

Web Design and the Wild West LOL Circa 2001

This all started with INETmax, founded as a business class ISP in Tulsa in 1997. Anyone remember when business only had dial-up connections? We stepped in to solve that problem. Later, we rolled out the first wireless backbone in Tulsa creating smart buildings. We also designed and installed the first Internet enabled hotel in Oklahoma.

We started building custom web application development and Tulsa web site design, as a natural outgrowth of providing Business Class ISP services. Since closing the ISP in 2002; we have maintained a data center and worked on some pretty significant projects;

  • Network Tracking Software
  • Global Multi Lingual Site
  • Business Subscription Service
  • Custom Ecommerce Solutions
  • Ad Insertion Engine
  • AX Development (MS ERP)
  • Corporate Acquisition App (SharePoint)

In 2010 after closing down a project in Africa, Design Your Site was incorporated as an Oklahoma LLC. DYSite has a strong team of mature developers, we have frequently been an outsource arm for PR Agencies and other programming shops. Our custom programming skills are enhanced by our strong UI interfaces.

Custom Programming and Strong UI 

Both of these skills have played well in Tulsa Web Design for small and medium businesses. Of course we have had to keep a strong eye on the SERP's and the role Google plays in that world. Having watched Google manage search engine response for over 17 years we have learned the zig and the zag of SEO. Experience has shown us that nothing replaces a solid organic SEO foundation. When the Google Angry Birds episodes hit every one of our customers were fine.

DYSite History

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