Own your Reviews - Your Strategy: Get 1st Party Reviews

5 Common Myths About Online Reviews

  1. Its best to have all 5-Star Reviews
  2. Only the star rating counts
  3. Online reviews are hard to get from customers
  4. People don’t trust reviews
  5. No need to manage online reviews

Reviews are social proof of what you do for your customers.

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A 5X Review Strategy is Social Proof

Learn how to take your reveiws and put them to work for you.  
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Reputation Management - 1st Party Reviews

  • Review monitoring on 50+ sites keeps you up-to-date of your online reputation
  • Branded digital experience to capture Net Promoter Score® with direct feedback and generate reviews
  • Email, text, kiosk, url, and website delivery connects any business with it’s customers
  • Notifications and reply features
  • Custom widgets display reviews and ratings on your website for social proof
  • Social media image creation and sharing feature
  • Performance reports
  • Sentiment analysis by keyword of all review content and direct feedback

Three Ways to Get Social Proof Engagement


Do it for me

Full-service reputation
for your Business.

Do it with me

DYSite shares management
responsibilities with your Business

Do it yourself

DYSite provides software and
onboarding for your Business
5X Your Reviews