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Top Three Reasons to Go Mobile Responsive

1. One Web Site ~ Many Devices

Statistics are clear that more people are browsing the web using smart phones. Pew Research states; that 90% of American adults have a cell phone and 58% have smart phones.  Prior to the release of HTML5 companies with a business web site had only two options, 1) pay to have a separate web site built for optimum display on mobile phones or  2) pay for mobile app development.  Both required additional programming and could be expensive. And neither solved the problem of bringing new customers to your business.  

One of the elements of credibility is consistency. If a user views your site from a mobile device initially and then pulls it up at the office or home for more research later and the interfaces are not the same and the content is a little different; they are going to feel uneasy. Sites that build credibility create more sales.

2. Google likes Mobile Responsive Web Site Design;

More to the point Google has stated that ranking is weighted in favor of web sites that have responsive web design. A mobile responsive web design allows Google to search one URL and index that content. It simplifies the process. Google's focus on user-experience as a ranking factor now includes responsive web design, this is essential to take into account with regards to SEO.

A responsive web design done correctly will add to the user experience. It is much easier for users to share, interact with, and link to than content that lives on a separate mobile site. From a local SEO perspective you can't afford to not go mobile responsive.

3.  Reduce Long Term Maintenance Costs

The Internet has been evolving and device and browser changes have been the cause of   failure to deliver a website correctly.  The best web designers test their designs for cross browser functionality from IE and Firefox to Chrome and Apple’s Safari. The same is true with the rapid updates we have seen in smart phones. Reality is different users will use varied browsers and smart phones.  

HTML5 is a specification for developing websites used to create Mobile Responsive Web Design. This is the update requirement for serving websites in browsers. The final version was released in October of 2014, it has been years in development. The HTML 5 mobile responsive aspect has integrated the maturing needs of users and how we all use the web.

Mobile Responsive

Make sure your customers can find you for what you do, and navigate your site to get what they need.

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