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If you are on your nth website and are frustrated with the performance your site delivers: 

You have three important things to consider
1)  Web Site Strategic Planning: 
2)  Web Site Credibility & Usability:  
3)  Web Site Engagement:  

Website Strategic Planning:

Strategic planning allows us to take information about your company and its offering and define a strategy for getting traffic to your web site.  In the process we analyze your web sites existing position within the Internet. We chart how many people come across your site and how many people are actually looking at your site. We use analytical data based on what you tell us about what you offer and what your competitors are targeting. This is a research based effort that creates a solid foundation for your website, existing or redesigned.  

Web Site Credibility & Usability: 

We explore new and old branding initiatives, as well as your ideas for how the new website should look. We can use your existing web site design and rework it, or come up with a web site redesign.  The important thing is that visitors to your site understand how to find what they need and that the web site leads them to a logical conclusion.  Credibility is built using different strategies that help the web site visitor understand who you are in the market.  We use the information gleaned in strategic planning phase to help us define the information that each page needs to reflect.  A credible web design will generate more leads. 

Web Site Engagement:  

We discuss your target market and how to influence its buying triggers. We want to help ensure new visitors take an action, we want them to engage.  Each visitor has a preferance, some will call, some will drop in some will respond to an online trigger for action.  In this phase our goal of engagement is measurable.  Once traffic patterns are measured, we can start to manage the results and increase "conversions".    

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