Kenna Lewis - Socialista

Making Sense out of the Social Media World

Kenna is an energetic entrepreneur who first excelled in Corporate America with Fortune 500 companies. She worked with domestic and international partners in every aspect of business. Her expertise was in high performing teams and leadership.  A serial entrepreneur she has started six different businesses and has been certified as a life, business and leadership coach. She has consulted with and trained for the Departments of Labor and Education.  

Kenna started her social media business when she was working with many small businesses that didn't understand or have the time to do the "social" marketing that is now required of every successful business.  She loves working with all types of business and non-profits to gain them exposure and new clients.   Kenna is also the Social Media Director for the international non-profit "BusinessPerformance USA". She has also been a consultant for Army OneSource and is currently working with other government agencies.

Kenna follows new developments and trends in social media, local search and reputation management to advance client campaigns and optimize their budgets. Kenna believes social media marketing can produce high results in coordinated campaigns for those businesses eager to claim market share.

“In working with businesses to help generate additional revenue, I was saddened by the marketing dollars being spent on antiquated methods that produced no new customers.  It was important to me to help businesses understand the new “social”  way to drive revenue in the door .  And, I  enjoy being a sassy socialista…”.

Kenna Lewis - Socialista

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